Notice: Eminem Not Giving Away Free Cadillac!

Yesterday, the world ushered in the New Year and with it came a lot of excitement in the automotive industry. Apparently, most of the happy faces are located at Facebook after a post on an Eminem fan page suggest that the international rapper is giving away his Cadillac to a random lucky fan.

The contest post stated that whoever Liked, Shared or Comment the post will stand a chance to win the Cadillac which is owned by Eminem.

We hate to be the sour puss in this whole fiasco but the unfortunately, the contest is nothing more than a hoax. This is evident when looking at the prize which is a Cadillac Concept. The vehicle is basically not street legal and it will cause more issues for Eminem if the artist gives it away to a random fan.

Also, the contest is taking place at an unofficial Eminem fan page that exhibits only 622,000 Likes. If Eminem is to do any giveaway, we are pretty sure that he will do it at his official fan page that boasts a whopping 97 million Likes.

On a final note, the contest came out with some grammatical errors. There has yet to be a major global contest that comes with bad English and we are pretty confident that Eminem wouldn’t want to be the first in this segment.

With that being said, it is wise to stay away from the contest as there is no outcome with it. The hoax is simply made to boost the popularity of the unofficial Eminem Page and nothing more.

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