Next Land Rover Defender May Look Identical To The FJ Cruiser

2018 is still far away from now but at that year, Land Rover is expected to make it big as it looks to launch the all-new Defender. The vehicle is currently in development by Jaguar Land Rover SVO team and today, we have received more word about the vehicle.

For starters, the Land Rover Defender is going to be a massive off-roader that will look to compete with the Mercedes G63 AMG. However, the Defender isn’t going to be alone when released.

It is said that there will be three different versions of the Defender coming in 2018. All three vehicles are also tipped to be indestructible and durable at best. In short, the Defender is going to come with a boxy structure that is coated in metal armour.

Then again, if consumers are to check out the concept sketches of the Defender, the car actually looks like the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The tall driving height and boxy build does made the Defender looks cheap.

Of course, it is still too early to make any allegations yet but we can expect more spills coming next year. Heck, Jaguar Land Rover might also introduce a concept model of the vehicle at a motor show in 2016.

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