New Mazda CX-5 Interior Facelift Will Complete The Perfect SUV

The Mazda CX-5 is undoubtedly the best SUV this year and soon, it will be updated with a brand new model. Mazda confirmed that a facelifted CX-5 is in production and it is due to arrive in 2016.

Despite that fact, fans of the CX-5 shouldn’t expect too much since the design changes are confirmed to be minimal. Mazda made it clear that most of the changes will be on the CX-5’s interior, which many feedback suggests that it could have been better.

The changes were unveiled in a concept model that was exhibited at the previous LA Auto Show. It confirms that the upcoming CX-5 will come with a more premium interior. In detail, the seats stitches will be exposed for a more promising look. Also, the infotainment system will pop out of the dashboard instead of being embedded.

In short, the future CX-5 facelift will have an interior that is comparable to the BMW. This will surely appeal the masses as the CX-5 looks to bag the SUV of the year award again, in quick successions.


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