New Mazda CX-5 Interior Facelift Looks Like A BMW

Come 2016, a new breed of CX-5 will be produced by Mazda and it will undoubtedly be better than ever. The existing CX-5 is already great as it grabs multiple awards for being the best SUV in the market. However, many felt that the offerings in the SUV’s interior could have been better.

Well, Mazda heard just that and confirms that there will be a massive interior upgrade coming to the CX-5 in 2016. The vehicle was unveiled back at the last LA Auto Show which happened last week. While it might looks similar to the current CX-5’s offering, the choice of materials have been changed.

The Concept model actually arrived with a more premium interior and design is also upgraded. This can be seen with the exposed stitches on the vehicle’s seats. Also, the infotainment screen is no longer embedded on the dashboard. This is clearly inspired by the BMW’s way of designing car interiors.

If this is to materialize, then consumers can look forward to experiencing the CX-5 in a more luxurious fashion in the future. This will surely pose a challenge to the CX-5’s German counterparts.


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