New Mazda CX-5 Interior Facelift Is Spectacular!

The Mazda CX-5 might be the world’s best SUV but many felt that the vehicle could have been better if it were to come with a nicer interior design. Well, Mazda is aware of the discontent with the CX-5’s interior and has confirmed that it will be addressing the issue with the future CX-5 Facelift.

The latter is tipped to be making its debut next year and it has got its concept unveiled at the last LA Auto Show. When observing the study, Mazda was right as the CX-5 Facelift does come with a highly sophisticated and well-designed interior.

The cabin is themed in black and beige, and it also looks neater than before. This is thanks to the restyled dashboard and the repositioned infotainment system. The in-car slate is now docked above the centre console instead of being embedded at the middle off the centre console.

Then again, such a styling made the CX-5 looks a lot like the BMWs. After all, the German carmaker has been practicing docked infotainment system for a long time already.

Nevertheless, it is still a much welcomed changed for the CX-5 Facelift and the new looking cabin will definitely appeal to the masses when it make its debut next year.


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