New Mazda CX-5 Interior Facelift Going Premium

There is no doubt that the existing Mazda CX-5 is the best SUV in the world right now, although, things could have been better with the car’s interiors. It seems that the CX-5 has a decent interior but it could have been better if Mazda put more heart into it.

Well, Mazda is aware of the criticism and vow to correct their ways when they launch the CX-5 facelift that is due in 2016. Of course, there will also be some changes to the exterior but they are minor. If the concept model from the LA Auto Show is to be referred to, most of the changes are actually with the CX-5’s interior.

For starters, the infotainment screen is no longer embedded on the dashboard. Instead, it pops out from inside the dash, just like how BMW does it with their cars. Also, the drive mode buttons are now designed like how it is commonly featured in luxury vehicles.

Of course, the cheap plastics have also been tweaked to add more shine and the seats now have thicker cushions for the ultimate comfort. Many are happy with how the CX-5 concept is done and if the feedback is good, Mazda will surely develop it.


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