New Mazda CX-5 Facelift: Spectacular Interior Awaits

Mazda has revealed that they acknowledged the criticism on the CX-5’s poorly designed interior and hope to correct their ways in the future CX-5 Facelift. To further prove their point, Mazda has launched the CX-5 Facelift’s concept model and it does come with a spectacular interior.

As per the image above, one can easily notice that the dashboard has been redesigned entirely. The newer dashboard is more angular and the button panels are also neater thanks to the new positioning that is achievable thanks to shifting the infotainment system on top of the dashboard.

In detail, the touchscreen slate is no longer embedded at the centre console but instead, is docked above the dashboard like how it is on the BMW vehicles. Such a tweak frees up more space at the centre console and prevents it from looking clustered.

For fans of the Mazda CX-5, this is a much welcome change and they really appreciate the new looking interior. With the fans giving Mazda their vote of confidence, all that is left is for the carmaker to launch the CX-5 Facelift next year.

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