Mitsubishi Mirage: Airbags Won’t React In Time (Recall)

Mitsubishi Mirage owners living in states where salt is used to melt ice might be more at risk when driving their Mitsubishi Mirage.

Mitsubishi has issued a recall to recall back Mitsubishi Mirage that has been build between the 7th of August 2013 until the 2nd of September in 2015 and is registered is sold in states that uses salt to melt the ice like New York, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland and more.

According to Mitsubishi, the salt that sticks to the boot of the driver’s boot could affect the wiring connector of the vehicle since the salt might short out the wiring that is located in a kick panel next to the driver’s footrest.

If that happens, the short out wiring will affect the deployment of the front airbags, Luckily, no reports of the issue causing any injuries, accidents or death has been reported.

A total ofd 25,185units of the vehicle will be recalled. Those affected will get their corroded electrical connectors replaces. A waterproof sheet will be install to prevent any corrosion in the future.

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