Mini Cooper Pickup Truck: Can It Get Any Cuter Than This?

Mini has always been a work of art. The once-tiny vehicle was built as a cheap escape for those who wish to own a car but today, the Minis are classy luxury hatches that are injected with BMW’s power.

Now, a new concept design has surfaced from the web and it reveals that Mini is planning to create a Cooper Pickup Truck. Known as the Mini Paceman Adventure, the vehicle looks like an average Paceman but instead of the rear doors and seats, the carmaker has replaced it with an open bed.

The overall look of the Paceman Adventure is simply too adorable to ignore. The car is designed BMW’s young apprentices with their instructor over at the company’s Munich facility.

Unfortunately, the Paceman Adventure won’t be stepping into production. It is just a small glimpse of the new talents which BMW has hired.