Mercedes GT4 Leaves Future CLS In Doubts

Mercedes might have yet to make it official but they have been tipping on a new car coming in 2019 and it will be based on the CLS model. The vehicle will also be restructured to compete with the Porsche Panamera and it will come with a 4-seat arrangement inside the cabin.

The upcoming vehicle is tentatively known as the GT4 and it has got the Mercedes fans worried. This is because the arrival of the GT4 might see no need for Mercedes to release the next-gen CLS (E) 63AMG.

After all, the four-seat arrangement is a special feature of the CLS. With the GT4 also being built on the same platform, many wonder on where Mercedes will slot the vehicle.

There is no telling for sure right now and a lot has to be clarified by Mercedes. For us, we feel that the GT4 is the ideal replacement for the CLS. On the other hand, our instincts tells us that the CLS 63AMG will get produced too. What do you think?

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