Mercedes Benz vs Infiniti: Luxury vs Low Class Ride

Over in China, the people’s perception on class and luxury vehicles is different to how it is here in the US. It seems that luxury has a different meaning for Chinese nationals and this was confirmed by a recent study conducted by Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute.

The study took into account about 800 luxury car owners from 10 different cities in China and it shows that the average age of luxury car drivers is 33.5 years. As for the average income, the figures stand at about $160,318 annually.

Upon digging deeper, it seems that those who drive a Mercedes Benz in China are mostly the wealthiest of them all as they boast average household assets of $1.83. In other words, the richest of China drives a Mercedes Benz.

Of the 800 luxury owners, it appears that the poorest are mostly Infiniti drivers. Their average wealth stands at about $1.04 million.

It is also worth noting that Audi is the bestselling luxury vehicle in the nation and is mostly used by government bureaucrats. BMW, on the other hand, is a growing name that appeals to the new breed of wealthy folks.

As for Cadillac, most of the drivers are white-collar workers. Meanwhile, Lexus drivers carry no definite attribute in the research.

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