Mazda CX-5 Facelift Features Impressive Interior

If there is a flaw with the existing Mazda CX-5, it would have to be with the car’s interior design. The world’s best SUV comes with a rather dull interior layout that could use an upgrade. Well, this may soon happen if the concept model of the future CX-5 Facelift is to be believed.

The study was unveiled at the recent LA Auto Show and it confirms that the CX-5 Facelift will be getting a thorough interior redesign. Even for a concept model, the CX-5 Facelift exhibited a nicer cabin that is themed in beige and black.

The icing on the cake appears to be with the infotainment screen, which is no longer embedded on the dashboard. Instead, it pops above the central air vents thus, allowing the button panels to enjoy better positioning below the air conditioning.

Of course, such a feature is not new in the automotive industry. Carmakers like BMW have always adopted this sort of layout and now, Mazda looks to offer something similar. With such a nice interior, there is no doubt that the CX-5 Facelift will be a hot vehicle when it debuts in 2016.

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