Mazda Addresses Interior Criticism With Future CX-5 Facelift

The Mazda CX-5 is without a doubt the best SUV around in recent years. The vehicle basically offers a stylish exterior together with the perfect balance in power and fuel efficiency. If there is a flaw with the CX-5, it will have to be with its cluttered interior.

Well, Mazda has received the criticism well and promises to deliver a highly enticing cabin with the CX-5 Facelift that is due to make its debut in 2016. The world can already catch a glimpse on how the CX-5’s future interior will be like through viewing its concept model that was unveiled at the last LA Auto Show.

Aside from the nice colour combination and neatly arranged buttons, the CX-5 Facelift concept came out with more angular dashboard with the infotainment resting above the centre console. Such a feature free up more space and also makes the CX-5 looks more sophisticated than before.

Then again, this is not something really new in the automotive market. German carmaker, BMW, has already practiced such styling with most of their vehicles. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Mazda cannot adopt the feature for the upcoming CX-5 Facelift.