Mahindra Tries To Create A Porsche Cayenne Of Its Own

SsangYong is at the moment owned by Mahindra, a company in India, since they took over they have been trying to make the SsangYong a big success around the globe and they have tried to make a vehicle that is very much like the Porsche Cayenne, with the Komodo concept.

The Komodo concept from Mahindra should be a huge success around the world and the concept came from an IED graduate by the name of Markrand Patil. He showed off the Porsche Cayenne like Komodo concept SUV and it was designed to survive the off road tracks and harsh conditions in India.

Patil said that the look alike Porsche Cayenne concept is going to have the attributes of Mahindra and it will offer reliability along with durability in the market for Indian customers.

At the moment the Komodo may be just a concept but if it comes to life it could be some serious competition for the Porsche Cayenne.

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