Lincoln: Enough With Alpha-Numerics For Vehicle Names

Lincoln has been catching the attention of the masses in recent years after it unveiled the upcoming Continental. The future luxury sedan shows a lot of promises with its great styling and more importantly, its name.

In detail, many American car lovers were pleased with how the car is called the Continental instead of coming with the usual prefix names. Lincoln heard the feedback from the consumers and has now confirmed that every future vehicles coming from them will come out with a real name.

Ford executive VP, Joe Hinrichs, shared that Lincoln is excited with how the Continental is getting a great deal of attention due to its non-prefix name. This was the way of Lincoln back when the company first started and Hinrich claims that the new direction will make the future Lincoln cars more distinguishable.

The announcement made by Hinrich will certainly excite the Lincoln lovers more. For years already, luxury American carmakers have been lost in the shadows of European carmakers and Lincoln is hoping to change that.

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