Leaked Ford EcoBeast Is None Other Than F-150 Raptor SVT?

After bagging countless awards with the EcoBoost engine, it seems that Ford is now planning to develop a new vehicle as a tribute to their accomplishments. This is suggested after the American carmaker was spotted at the US Patent & Trademark office to register the name, EcoBeast.

It is unclear on whether the EcoBeast will be a brand new vehicle, a trim level or the next generation EcoBoost engine. Even so, many analysts felt that EcoBeast will be used for the top-of-the-range, next-generation Ford SVT Raptor. While the latter might still be unconfirmed for development, many leaks are around suggesting that Ford is indeed producing the SVT Raptor.

Of course, Ford has yet to publically announce EcoBeast but we can expect it to get highlighted at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.