Kingdom Hearts 3: New Characters Being Revealed

The D23 Expo Japan 2015 was held by Disney on 6th to 8th and the fan event for Kingdom Hearts 3 was held just days before it. Before the event there were rumours going around that there was going to be a multiplayer part coming to the game and new characters were going to be revealed.

It was said that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be coming with a multiplayer mode and this news came around after the Square Enix designer talked on his LinkedIn profile about being responsible for the Multiplayer Planning and Documentation for the game.

Along with this it was said that new characters would be coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 and in a recent interview with the director of the game he would not confirm or deny new characters in the game.

Of course bringing new characters into Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t mean that the game will offer up a multiplayer mode. At the mode details about the game aren’t known but it is hoped that we are going to get a statement soon about the game.

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