Kia Sorento or Hynundai Santa Fe: What’s The Difference?

Over at South Korea, the rivalry between Kia and Hyundai is a rather healthy one. Both carmakers have just launched the all-new Sorento and the Santa Fe Sport respectively and today, we shall see which SUV has more to offer.

While both the Sorento and the Santa Fe Sport might be big SUVs, they can only accommodate 5 passengers at a single time. Also, the vehicles run on the same 2.4L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated gas engine that powers on the FWD system. Of course, the engine tuning differs from each other but they are both paired to the same 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Sorento, in particular, generates a 191hp and 181ft-lbs of torque. When on city drive, the Sorento returns 20mpg on average and when on highway, its fuel economy is rated at 26mpg.

Then there is the Santa Fe Sport, which offers 190hp and 181ft-lbs of torque. The SUV might be 1hp short of the Sorento but in return, fuel economy ratings stands at 20mpg for city roads and 27mpg for highways.

It seems that both vehicles are on par on almost every front. Perhaps, the deciding factor is with the cars’ design, which we feel is better on the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Also, it is worth considering the price tag of both cars. The Kia Sorento is selling at $24,995 while the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport retails at $25,825.

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