KIA Recall Leave Drivers Soul-less

Kia has announced a mass recall of the Kia Soul that is manufactured between 2010 and 2014. As a matter of fact, the South Korean is actually calling back any Kia Soul that comes with a sunroof due to a fault that comes with it.

After a thorough investigation by NHTSA, it is understood that if a crash is to happen with the Kia Soul, the side airbag will be deployed which can cause the sunroof to detach. This will then put the driver and passengers at risk of an added injury.

In total, 95,314 units of the Kia Soul in the US have been called upon for inspection by Kia. Soul owners will be getting adhesive strips installed to secure the headliner in place. Of course, the installation is confirmed to be free of charge.

On the upside of things, there has yet to be any injury caused by the faulty sunroof. With that being said, Soul owners should comply with the recall and get the sunroof fixed.