Kia GT Truck Confirmed But Dilemma Over Size

South Koreans might be blessed to have both Kia and Hyundai giving them a sense of national pride with all the great vehicles that are offered. Unfortunately, both carmakers have yet to develop and launch their very first pickup truck.

Well, this may soon come to an end as Kia is reported to be working on one right now and it is tipped to be based on the Kia KCV4 Mojave pickup concept that was unveiled back in 2004.

While there is no way to prove that point yet, Kia did tease that they are currently studying the marker to identify on the right size of truck that will cater to the masses well. Here in the US, the bigger the truck is, the better it will sell. Elsewhere, everything is more about style and compact.

Despite the dilemma, Kia admitted that they are leaning towards the idea of a compact pickup truck. It might not be a big market but if the vehicle is to be revolutionary, then there will surely be a shift in trend. Of course, Kia will have to consider the risk of a failure.

Nevertheless, the mysterious pickup truck will look to arrive here in the US before 2021. After all, the Korean carmaker will surely want to ship their vehicles to the US without any taxes and their tax-free contract will be expiring in less than a decade from now.