Half Life 3: Gabe Has Spoken!

Fans of the Half Life series are the unluckiest bunch of people as they have to go through a long wait if they wish to play Half Life 3. As of last week, the waiting period has reached ten years and there is still no sign of the game coming.

That is until today when Valve’s co-founder, Gabe Newell, finally addresses Half Life 3. Although the speech is a pretty short one, Gabe revealed that Half Life 3 is not ready for a release anytime so soon. The game will be coming further in the future.

Gabe acknowledged the anticipation shown by the fans for Half Life 3 but insisted that the game won’t be in development just yet. In other words, fans will have to continue waiting for some more unknown amount of years until Valve releases Half Life 3.

Surely that is a bad news. On the bright side of things, Gabe didn’t deny the company’s plans to develop Half Life 3 which means that the game’s debut is inevitable.


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