GTA 5 Tips & Tricks: Get Rich The Easy Way

Gamers who just have to have the best of things in GTA 5 will have to get their hands on lots of cash. Luckily there

Gamers who just have to have the best of things in GTA 5 will have to get their hands on lots of cash. Luckily there are numerous ways to get money, but some of them are more apparent than others.

When Rockstar launched the 1.04 patch it change the structures for payment for missions and this meant that jobs then only paid out half of what they used to do.

Rockstar are offering stimulus packages as a way of apologising after the launch of GTA Online suffered issues. This means that gamers who log in during October can get their hands on $500,000.

The payment will be handed out in two instalments of $250,000, with the first being available between 13th and 20th October.

Jobs are a way to gain ranks, stats and reputation, they also provide a way to get your hands on cash. The more jobs you take the more reward you get.

Jobs can be found all over the map and one of the easiest ways to find them is by using the in game phone. Other gamers can also invite you to do jobs. Jobs are also opened up when you complete elements in the game.

When you reach level 15 survival matches are unlocked and you can earn money with these. When you get to the end of level 10 you get $20,000 and this usually takes around 10 minutes. Survival missions can be played with between 1 and 4 players and they are easy if you work together as a team. These can be played as many times as you want and you can use the plane boneyard map to locate the building which allows you to get up on the roof and which provides you with an advantage.

You can get your hands on cash when you steal cars or rob stores. Car theft is great but you can only sell cars at certain times.

The Los Santos Custom Mod Shops will buy cars but only if they are not tracked. The police are on the look-out for stolen cars though. These can be sold each 48 minutes. the SUVs will bring with it a good price, usually between 3, 5 and 7k, Lampsdeti Felons will sell for around $9,000.

One of the best regions for finding high end cars is the Richman region.

Simeon will provide you with a list of vehicles that he wants and which come with a high price and he will send you this list in a text.

You can steal one, take it to the mod shop and then get a re-spray before taking it to the docks and getting your rewards.

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