GTA 5 Heists: Breaking The Bank

GTA 5 is now live and there has been a lot to get excited about. The game came with heists, which were along the lines

GTA 5 is now live and there has been a lot to get excited about. The game came with heists, which were along the lines of Three Leaf Clover in GTA 4, The Job of GTA: Vice City or Breaking The At Caligula’s in GTA: San Andreas.

There is no denying that the missions are fantastic and they allow you to freely access them however you choose.

But NowGamer said that while they are good, they could have been much better.

In the first mission in the stakeout you get to explore and find out what is what. You then have to make decisions for the options and get missions ready and get all the things that you need. Then you have to do the heist itself.

You feel great when you have completed a heist as the result comes down to choices that you made. In the game I lost one of the gunman and his part of the stash could have gone too, however I went back to get it.

I went in quietly because I didn’t want to lose any of the money to someone who was dead.

However I felt he had died because of me.

While the rest of the missions didn’t bring about the same feelings, they did captivate.

At one point in the heist there wasn’t a second choice, while its ok to take on linear missions they are not that different from any other mission in GTA 5, so the opportunities didn’t meet the potential.

Choosing a getaway car is one of the best things and I always went for something that blended in.

This doesn’t really make any difference as the police don’t care if you have a family car or brightly coloured one.

However I felt it was needed to do things properly and this meant changing the ending, putting on some armour and making the windows black. Then I would make sure that I put it in a place where I could get away from and get the car easily.

I liked to involve myself in the missions and had they been more involving then I would have done so even more.

When the game is completed it is very obvious that the heist missions in GTA 5 are just choices that you make.

The potential of the first missions isn’t met and this leaves you wanting more, however the missions are great.

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