Forget Tesla S, Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Is The Way To Go

When it comes to electric vehicles, there is no better name on the market than the Tesla Model S. The sedan was produced with an extremely large battery pack that also offers an unrivalled driving range.

However, is it still best to purchase the Tesla Model S with Toyota already announced that their FCEV car is nearing its release? Well, the answer is no. Toyota has always been a leading figure in energy saving and when the carmaker shared that EV cars have unavoidable flaws, they were right.

The problems with EVs, including the Model S, is that it requires a long time to charge and also, battery pack are expensive and their life span is short. This is why Toyota avoids EV and instead, relies on hydrogen fuel cells which functions just like petrol but only emits water.

Hydrogen fuel station can be implemented worldwide if it does get opted as the future of cars, then Toyota will surely be the leading figure in this department. The FCEV vehicle is said to make its debut next year and it will give every EV vehicle a run for their money.

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