Eminem Cadillac Giveaway: Love The Way You Lie

There is always that period in life when a popular figure gets all the attention for the wrong reasons. The latest is with Eminem and it involves a Facebook post which suggested that the rapper is giving away his Cadillac Concept to a lucky fan.

Well, the contest is nothing more than a hoax and Eminem fans shouldn’t be too excited for it. There is no need for any discussion or dispute as there is a lot of evidence to prove it as a hoax.

For starters, the post was developed from an unofficial fan page. The Facebook page boasts 622,000 Likes. If Eminem is going to do a major giveaway of his prized possession, then the lad will surely post it on his official Facebook fan page that exhibits 97 million Likes.

Then again, a Cadillac prize seems nonsensical from the very beginning. This is due to the fact that the vehicle is still a concept and is not street legal. What if the winner has no garage or no driver’s licenses? In short, there is no way Eminem is going to give a problematic item as the winning prize.

On a final note, the contest post came out with some bad grammars. Yes, some might argue that there is no language law on the internet. Then again, there has yet to be a major contest going on with bad grammars. We are pretty sure Eminem don’t want to be the first in this field.

With that being said, there is no doubt for sure that the contest is nothing more than a hoax. If Eminem or Cadillac fans come across the post, feel free to ignore them once and for all.