Cadillac ATS, CTS: Why They Are Not Good Enough

Earlier this year, Cadillac hogged on the spotlight after launching the all-new ATS and CTS. Both cars came out with many luxuries to offer and it got many believing that Cadillac can rival the German luxury carmakers.

Well, this dream is now dead. Both the ATS and CTS are definitely great vehicles to own but they are in no way near the quality of the German luxuries. This is evident with the shaky quality of the ATS and CTS.

In case you are unaware, both the ATS and CTS are now a subject of a recall by NHTSA after many complained on the poor functioning brakes. A thorough investigation revealed that the issue is with the bracket that connects the brake pedal assembly and the rod that actuates the brake.

Regardless, this is really dangerous hence the recall has been issued. A total of 2,163 vehicles are recalled and they include both the ATS and CTS.

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