Audi Reveals Custom LG G Watch With Car Controls

Who said that CES is only meant for tech geeks? The huge event that is currently taking place in Las Vegas had just witnessed Audi taking the stage to share an interesting LG G Watch model that should wow car enthusiasts worldwide.

In detail, the German carmaker stepped on the stage and launch Audi Prologue remotely through the LG G Watch. The display was then explained by Audi that the future of their car will be able to integrate and connect with smartphones, smartwatches and also tablets.

However, the G Watch that was used by LG isn’t anything like the commercialized product. The device sports an interface that is much liked the Android Wear platform. Also, it comes with a three-button setup which is uniquely different from other smartwatches in the market.

LG explained earlier today that the device was indeed developed by them for Audi but it isn’t accurate to call it the G Watch. The wearable and automotive integration project is also confirmed to still be in its development stages.


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