Audi Q6: More Vaporware To Come, Time To Celebrate?

It looks like we will be seeing a few more hydrogen powered models in the future with at least one of them coming in with an Audi badge. It is believed that Audi is working on a new hydrogen-powered Audi Q6 that they will be showing off in Detroit next month.

The hydrogen-powered model will be called the Audi Q6 H-Tron model and will come in with the same architecture as the E-Tron Quattro concept, the MLB architecture. While some consumers seem to be pretty pleased with the news, other are not so happy about it.

Some said that there is no place for hydrogen-powered vehicles in the market right now and that Audi will be better off if they focus more on electric powered models only.

Of course, these are just speculations because Audi mentioned that they will be showing off a new concept car with a new drive technology and did not specifically said that it was going to be a hydrogen powered model.

Where do you stand in terms of hydrogen-powered vehicles?

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