Apple Reeling Tesla Employees? Here’s The Possible Explanation

The corporate business world in California is not a stable place for both companies and employees. This is because many giant firms are situated there and the HR department is always busy trading talents with their rivals and neighbours.

The latest case on this involves both Tesla and Apple. Apparently, Apple has been making secret deals with Tesla employees. This was claimed by Tesla’s chief, Elon Musk, who revealed that Apple has offered his employees whopping $250,000 signing bonuses and 60-percent pay increases.

However, Elon was not hurt or offended by the move. Elon admitted that he also made the same practice by ‘stealing’ Apple’s employees. It seems to be a common practice over at Silicon Valley.

The mystery here is why would Apple need a worker in the automotive field? The secret dealings heavily hint that Apple is really aiming to produce the Apple Car. Then again, it could be down to the creativity which Tesla’s employees possess that attracted them.

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