Alfa Romeo Guilia Takes On BMW 3-Series GT

Alfa Romeo plans to secure their place in the market is still underway with the Alfa Romeo Giulia model arriving soon. So far, we have not heard of any plans to compete with models like the BMW 3 Series GT or the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe but what if they do decide to take on those model? What will the Alfa Romeo Giulia Fastback model look like?

Artist Theophilus Chin came out with a new rendering showing us what he thinks the Alfa Romeo Giulia fastback model will look like if Alfa Romeo does decide to go for it.

The results was a stunning looking fastback model that seems to have what it takes to compete with BMW. Of course, we still do not know if Alfa Romeo has any plans to come out with a fastback but if they do, we sure hope that it will look something like this.

Check out the renderings by Theophilus Chin and tell us what you think.

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