Acura TLX Sales Banned Until Sedan Can Remain Stationary

It was less than a month ago when Honda launched the Acura TLX and now, the luxury sedan has been recalled over a suspected fault that sees the TLX being unable to stop.

In detail, Acura revealed that there are rising reports on the Parking lock located at the gearbox, failing to keep the TLX at a stationary position. Thus, it can lead to the TLX rolling away and putting the public in danger.

It is unsure on how many vehicles are affected by this issue but Acura is not planning to risk anything and would rather recall the entire TLX fleet. It is also confirmed that every TLX customer will be notified on the issue by January 6.

On the bright side of things, there have yet to be any accidents caused by the faulty parking stopper. Those encountering the issue should head straight to the nearest Acura service centre and get the issue fixed for free.


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