4 New Jeep SUVs Carries Chinese Genetics [PICS]

When we think of Jeep, the first thing that always came to our mind is that typical 4×4 off-road machine that is portrayed with the American flag at the background. This is why it was really surprising when the carmaker swap the flag with that of China.

This was the case back at the last Beijing Auto Show when Jeep unveiled four new concept models that are built with Chinese genetics. There is the Renegade-based Zi You Xia, the Wrangler Sundancer and the Cherokee Sageland and Urbane.

The Zi You Xia, in particular, means “Rebel” when translated to English. As such, the Renegade-based vehicle wears dark colours like Chocolate Gray for the main coating with Dark Anodized Bronze accents striking out of it. The roof panel, grille borders and door mirror caps, on the other hand, are painted in Dark Charcoal.

Then, there is the Jeep Wrangler Sundancer. Like the bright golden sun, the Wrangler comes with light colours. The primary colour here is Chocolate Brown and it looks luxurious with the gold accents. The golden colour is also the main theme for the car’s interior, thus, making the Sundancer a rich man’s ride overall.

Moving on, we have the Cherokee Sageland. The vehicle is heavily inspired by the legends of Shangri-La. This explains why Jeep opted for Ivory tri-coat Pearl for its primary colour and Satin Bronze for its secondary colour. The interior also comes with Chinese stitching culture that can be seen on the seats.

Finally is the Cherokee Urbane. Regardless of how similar it is to the Sageland, the vehicle comes with a darker look to represent the modern artistic aspect of China. The exterior is painted in Maximum Steel with Hyper Black accents making up its roof rack, door mirror caps, grille collars, front and rear fascias, wheel finishings, vehicle badging and antenna.

As for the Urbane’s interior, everything is coated in Piano Black. Racial pride is not absent in the Urbane since Jeep added in Chinese calligraphy all over the cabin.


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