2016 Volkswagen Golf R: The Future Past Tense

Later this year, Volkswagen is going to release the Golf R Facelift and the vehicle is going to come out looking very different from the existing model. This is because the Golf R Facelift will be incorporating the styling of the old 1989 Rally Golf.

In other words, the Golf R Facelift is bound to feature a yellow exterior and silver interior. Of course, things won’t be entirely old for the Golf R Facelift as VW is expected to blend the past styling with something that is up-to-date.

Also, everything under the hood is going to be modernized. The Golf R Facelift will continue to run on the 2.3L unit that is powering the existing Golf R but refined for better power and fuel efficiency. For a better idea on the Golf R Facelift, it is best to wait for the car to get fully unveiled later this year.

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