2016 Toyota Hilux: What’s Brewing Under The Hood?

Come June this year, Toyota will unveil the next-gen Hilux and the vehicle will be beefed up so that it can compete with the Chevrolet Colorado. Today, car junkies can catch a glimpse on how powerful the Hilux will be after a leak spy shot reveals the engines made for the pickup truck.

The leak basically shows the Hilux various powertrain but unfortunately, the texts in the image are all in Thai. Thankfully, we got our Thai friend to translate the text and these are what was revealed.

Apparently, Toyota will be offering two engine options for the Hilux and they are the 2.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel with Variable Nozzle Turbo and the 2.8L turbo-four diesel with VNT. Similarly, there will be two transmission options and they are manual and automatic.

The 2.4L motor is able to generate 164.9hp and 343Nm of torque whereas the 2.8L can develop 174.3hp and 420Nm of torque. Of course, this is only for the manual-powered Hilux. For the automatic variant, they will have more torque to offer at 400Nm and 450Nm respectively.

Unfortunately, this is everything that the leak image is able to share with us. It is unsure on whether there will be a petrol engine coming with the next-gen Hilux but more on this will be revealed in June this year.

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