2016 Shelby Mustang: Leaked Interior Image In Detail

The next-generation Shelby-tuned Ford Mustang is due to arrive in 2016 and it is going to be a performance sports sedan like no other. Today, the world can already get a hint on what the Shelby Mustang has got to offer after a leak image of the car’s interior was brought on the internet.

In the picture, one can easily see the typical dull interior of the Mustang with some eye-catching details. For starters, there is a huge red button resting behind the steering wheel. Of course, our attention is not with the button since it is merely a testing tool that will not be on the finalized Shelby Mustang.

Instead, car junkies should focus on the gearbox as it tells a lot about how the Shelby Mustang is going to be made. The leak image confirms that the vehicle is to be operated through a traditional 6-speed manual transmission. This suggests that Shelby is going all-out to incorporate old-school thrills with modern technologies.

Unfortunately, that is all the information present on the Shelby Mustang at the moment. Fans can expect Ford and Shelby to spill more details throughout next year.

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