2016 Shelby Mustang: Going Back To Basics

It is no secret that Ford is producing a new Mustang and the vehicle is due to arrive next year. On a side note, Shelby too is tuning the future Mustang as they look to restore the glory days of the old 500GT.

Well, it seems that Shelby is on track to accomplish another historic success if the leak image of the upcoming car’s interior is to be believed. When viewing the image, there are two things that caught our eye. The first is the big red button that is seen resting behind the steering wheel. Of course, this does not carry any significance since the button is nothing more than a testing tool.

The second thing is the gearbox. Upon close observation, we can confirm that the Shelby Mustang is to run on a 6-speed traditional manual transmission. This also suggests that the sports sedan is going to be really thrilling and nostalgic, just like the old days.

With that being said, we can’t wait for the Shelby Mustang to make its debut. The car carries a lot of promises to be one of the most powerful sports sedan in history.

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