2016 Porsche Cayman: A Positive Change Confirmed

Porsche became the centre of a buzz earlier today when their CEO, Matthias Muller, revealed that the next gen Cayman will be coming with turbocharged 4-cylinder engine instead of the usual V6 motor. This is a massive change but one that is stepping forward, not backwards.

It is said that there will be two turbocharged motors currently in development for the Cayman. They differ in displacement where one is at 2L while the other has a 2.5L capacity. With a turbo unit on-board, both engines are expected to offer more power than the existing V6.

Also, considering the fact that a 4-cylinder motor is lighter than a V6, it can only further improve the engine’s power output and also efficiency. The positives with this change are endless.

Of course, Porsche purists will be upset by this because the Cayman is famous for its traditional V6 engine. However, since it is for the positive, purists need to accept this change.

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