2016 Mini Clubman: If Only It Is More Wagony

Mini will be looking to release the next-gen Clubman later this year but you don’t have to wait until then to learn on how the car is going to look like. It is already possible to check out the Clubman today after official images of the vehicle got released online.

We have viewed the images and discovered that the Clubman does not look too different from the previous model. There are some changes to the styling but they are all too subtle to speak off. In short, the Clubman looks like a normal Clubman but with more curves on every edge.

Well, there is no problem with how the car is designed like except that it would be better if Mini is to turn it into a wagon for once. It has already been proven that wagons are better received by the masses than a normal hatchback.

Those that have viewed the images will definitely agree with us when we say that the Mini Clubman should feature a longer tail section and slightly taller height. Of course, it is too late for changes now and we will have to make do with the subtle design tweaks on the upcoming Clubman.

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