2016 Lexus RX SUV Facelift Weight Reduced With Aluminium

Come next year, Lexus will be launching the RX Facelift. Aside from getting a new design, the upcoming RX will also offer an improved performance.

This is confirmed after Lexus revealed that both the RX350 and RX450 SUVs will be applying aluminium on its body that will reduce weight. In detail, the RX Facelift will feature aluminium hood, tailgate and closures.

With a lighter weight, the RX Facelift will be better optimized for power and also more fuel efficient. Furthermore, the RX Facelift will be built on the same platform that was used by the Toyota Highlander.

Lexus admitted that the aluminium idea has been around for a couple of years already and it is about time for the Japanese luxury carmaker to apply them on their vehicles. Such a feature is already in practice by most German carmakers as they look to reduce the weight of their vehicle.


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