2016 Lexus RX SUV Facelift Wears Aluminium Instead Of Steel

Come 2016, Lexus will be updating the RX with a brand new model and it will come in two different variants. The first is the RX350 and the second is the RX450.

Of course, the SUV will surely be better than its predecessors but it is also worth noting that the RX will be something very unique and different. Lexus has already confirmed that they will be building the RX with aluminium.

The choice of metal will cover the vehicle’s hood, tailgate and closures. The choice of aluminium will make the RX a lightweight, thus allowing it to further optimize power while also improving on fuel economy.

The trend to utilize aluminium in structuring vehicles is picking up in a global scale. Months ago, we discovered that most German carmakers are already adopting aluminium for their new vehicles. Now, Lexus will look to exploit the trend with the upcoming RX SUV.


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