2016 Lexus RX SUV Facelift: Light As A Feather

Next year is a big year for Lexus as the company plots to release the RX Facelift that involves both the RX350 and the RX450. In addition to that, Lexus wishes to incorporate aluminium to develop the future SUV.

The luxury arm of Toyota has already made it known that the RX Facelift will be featuring aluminium hood, tailgate and closures. This particular modification is intended to make the vehicle lighter than before. With the RX Facelift weighing like a feather, it will have better fuel economy while being more optimized for power.

Some might fear that the aluminium material won’t make the SUV as sturdy and durable as before. However, Lexus promises otherwise as they claimed that the aluminium is tweaked to be as strong as conventional metal.

Besides, aluminium isn’t very new in the automotive industry but the trend is picking up. German carmakers are already using bits of aluminium with their vehicle and Lexus desire to offer something similar with the RX Facelift.


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