2016 Lexus RX SUV Facelift: As Light As A Feather

Lexus confirmed last year that they will be giving both the RX350 and RX450 a facelift model in 2016. Earlier today, the luxury arm of Toyota gave out more information on what the upcoming RX Facelift has got to offer.

Lexus went straight to the point in sharing with the world that they will be utilizing aluminium for the future SUV. In detail, the Japanese carmaker revealed that the hood, tailgate and closures for the RX Facelift will all be made of aluminium.

Thus, this means that the RX Facelift is going to be better optimized for power while also more fuel efficient at the same time. Aluminium are known to be lighter and the metal is growing in popularity, particularly among the German carmakers.

With Lexus picking up on the aluminium trend early on, there is no doubt that the RX SUV Facelift will have zero problems in competing with the likes of the BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.


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