2016 Lexus RX Facelift: More Economy, More Power

Later this year, Lexus will be launching the all-new RX Facelift and it will see the arrival of new-looking RX350 & RX450. However, the RX Facelift won’t come with much changes to its design and all the attention should be on the vehicle’s fuel economy and power.

This is because the RX Facelift is going to be built with aluminium and it will be the first vehicle from Lexus to be based on the metal. The Japanese luxury carmaker has decided to pick up the aluminium trend since applying the metal will make the RX Facelift much lighter than the existing RX SUV.

Lexus has already shared that the RX Facelift will feature aluminium for its hood, tailgate and closures. With a lighter framework, there is no doubt that the SUV is going to offer better power output and a much improved fuel economy.

On the downside of things, Lexus has yet to share on the performance figures of the RX Facelift so there is no way to tell yet on how big the improvement is. This will have to wait until Lexus fully unveils the RX Facelift in the coming months.

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