2016 Jeep Cherokee: So Hot It Might Burst Into Flames (Recall)

Jeep will be issuing a recall to recall back the 2015 – 2016 Jeep Cherokee after it was reported that the vehicle might have a risk of being a fire hazard.

The issue here is with the power liftgate control module. According to Jeep, water can leak into the power liftgate control module causing the system to short circuit. If that happens, there is a risk of the module cashing fire putting the drive and passenger at risk.

A total of 55.687 units of the Jeep Cherokee will be affected by the recall. Those affected will be the Cherokee build between the 18th of February 2015 until the 10th of September 2015.

Jeep also reported that no reports of accidents, death or injuries has been reported yet. Those affected will be called in to get their control module fitted with an improved moisture shield. Jeep will also replace parts that have already been damage for free.

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