2016 Hyundai Genesis: Taking On The Bentley?

Hyundai will be refreshing the Genesis with a brand new model in 2016 and today, we have got more details on what the upcoming car has got to offer.

For starters, the Genesis is going to be classified as a luxury sedan that is built by the South Korean carmaker and it is definitely going to be powerful. The entry level Genesis is already revealed to develop 311hp from a V8 motor and this is certainly more powerful than other cars in the same segment.

Even on the design, the Hyundai Genesis looks bolder and more muscular than ever. The large front grill amplifies the overall luxury look. In short, the upcoming Genesis can be said as the Bentley of East Asia.

Obviously, the interior too won’t be dull and cheap. Hyundai has made it clear that they are using premium quality materials with a much neater layout. Like most luxury Asian cars, the Genesis is very generous in its space.

All in all, the upcoming Genesis is going to be amazing for sure. Once it debuts, we can only wish to compare it with the European luxuries and see how far Hyundai has progressed in the market.

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