2016 Honda Pilot Magnified: What’s Coming?

Come next year, Honda will be launching the next-generation Pilot and the SUV is confirmed to be larger than before. What Honda failed to share is that the Pilot actually looks like an Accord that has been morphed into a full-sized SUV.

This is because the Pilot will be built on the Acura MDX platform. This means that the car will flaunt a wheelbase length and framework that is akin to the Honda Accord. Of course, Honda will be tweaking the measurement to ensure that the Pilot is longer and comes with more overhangs at the back.

To complete the package, the future Honda Pilot will come with more angular headlights while also running on the 3.5L V6 engine. Consumers will get to choose from AWD or FWD with the Pilot but regardless of their options, the SUV will still run on a 6-speed automatic transmission.

On the downside of things, these are the only information we have at the moment on the Honda Pilot. Nevertheless, car junkies can stay tuned as we are expecting more beans spilled in the coming months.


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