2016 Ford Taurus Test Mule Sticking Its Ass Out In Public

There are a lot of exciting vehicles that are currently in production by Ford and among them is the next-generation Ford Taurus.

While nothing has been revealed on the vehicle, a spy shot has surfaced and it shows the rear-right portion of the Taurus’ test mule parked inside Ford’s headquarters. The single image came with a caption which says that this is the Taurus test mule, not the final design.

Upon analysing the image, we notice that the Taurus is lower and wider. It is as if Ford is giving it a sporty redesign. Then again, not much can be said about the Taurus due to the poor viewing angle. From just the image itself, we cannot even say for certain that it is the Taurus.

The tail section and body length, together with a familiar Ford styling can mean that it could be any other Ford vehicle in the picture. After all, the Ford Fusion and Focus Sedan look identical from the tail section.


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