2016 Ford Taurus Test Mule Spotted At Parking Bay

Ford has got a large fleet of sedans under its belt like the Fiesta Sedan, Focus Sedan, Ford Mondeo and many more. Despite that fact, it seems that every sedan tends to come with the same base design and this is evident with the next-gen Ford Taurus.

A spy shot of the upcoming saloon has already surfaced online and it shows the future Taurus in a parking bay with its tail and right-side visible for our viewing. At a glance, the Taurus does look a lot like Ford’s other sedans, particularly the Fusion and the Mondeo.

However, the Taurus is made to appear larger than before and it also exhibits some subtle lines running across the body. Regardless, the Taurus does look great and all that is left is for Ford to share its face with the public.

Then again, the lad that shared the spy shot claims that the image taken is nothing more than a test mule of the upcoming Taurus. As such, the design has yet to be finalized and there could be some changes coming in the final product.


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