2016 Ford Taurus: No Changes To Design?

Come next year, Ford will be launching the all-new Taurus but sedan lovers don’t have to wait until then to catch a glimpse at the vehicle.

It is actually possible to check out the next-gen Taurus today after a spy shot of it got leaked online and the single image basically shows the Taurus from the rear point of view.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to describe about the styling of the Taurus except for the fact that the vehicle appears larger than ever. In terms of design, the tail section of the Taurus looks identical to the Ford Fusion and Focus Sedan.

This is worrying because there is a chance for the Taurus to not feature any exclusive styling. The large saloon is at risk of coming out with the same design language with its sedan siblings and it will only be distinguishable by size.

Of course, we don’t dare to make any assumptions just yet, at least until we are able to check out on the vehicle’s front design.

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