2016 Ford Taurus: Migrating To China?

Throughout history, the Ford Taurus has served the masses as the most popular large sedan here in the US. This explains why Ford is currently developing a new-generation of Taurus. However, if everyone is to check out the released images of the Taurus, they will be left in disappointment.

This is because the upcoming Taurus looks dull and repetitive. In case you are unaware, Ford made the Taurus looking exactly like the latest Fusion. The only difference between the Taurus and the Fusion is size. Obviously, the Taurus is larger than the Fusion.

Perhaps, Ford is aware that the Taurus is a lazy work from the designers and hence, decided that the vehicle is going to be exclusively made for China. If the Taurus is to return to the US, let’s hope it comes with something fresh and new to offer.

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